Elevator Speech Video

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Elevator Speech Video

Your elevator speech is what you say about your business when someone asks: “What do you do?”

It should be a concise description giving who you are and how you solve a problem for your customers with your business. Then you might comment that the business card has your contact information and you would look forward to talking more on how you might be of assistance.

Here is my elevator speech for Bellrock Internet Services:

By making this into a video you now have a tool that promotes online 24/7 as if you were handing out your business card. Put this video on your website, put it on your social media pages, put it everywhere where you want you and what you offer through your business to be known.

Contact us if you would like to create an elevator speech video to help market your business.

OR – we also call this your “Business Card Video”. Please visit or other site: http://BusinessCardVideos.com



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October 26, 2016